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Deciphering the Mechanisms Of Developmental Disorders (DMDD) Resource

The DMDD programme is carrying out a primary screen of embryonic-lethal mouse gene knockouts. This is the first study of its kind to systematically analyse the placentas from each knockout line, in addition to the embryos, and such data is likely to be of interest to members of ANZPRA.


All data is freely available at and tools are provided so that users can analyse the data online via our website. For each knockout line placentas are imaged using histology, as well as imaging the embryos in near-histological resolution. The images are then phenotyped by expert anatomists, meaning that detailed data about the morphological abnormalities in both the placentas and the embryos resulting from each gene knockout is available. All of the image and phenotype data is searchable by gene or phenotype in the database, and all the full-resolution data is freely available. 


RNA expression profiles have also been obtained for each mutant line, comparing to wild-type embryos to understand the difference in gene expression. This RNA expression data will become available on the database over the coming months, and the intention is to allow users to correlate between gene, morphological phenotype and RNA expression profile.

Please click here to download a flyer with further information

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