Associate Professor Nie is based in the Centre for Reproductive Health the Hudson Institute of Medical Research in Victoria. With a focus on the uterus and intra-uterine environment for embryo implantation, placental development, and long-term health consequences, A/P Nie works closely with specialist clinicians to address key women’s health issues. Her current research interests include uterine infertility and receptivity for embryo implantation, non-hormonal contraception, uterine cancer, and diseases of pregnancy in particularly preeclampsia.



Dr Padma Murthi is a Senior Research Fellow who joined the Pregnancy Research Centre in 2001. Dr Murthi has a background in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Endocrinology. Her research interests are focused on understanding the important pregnancy disorder called fetal growth restriction (FGR). Recently she has also focused on the role of stem cells in the human placenta and their potential role in significant pregnancy disorders.



Dr Menkhorst is a Senior Research Officer in the Embryo Implantation Laboratory which is part of the Centre for Reproductive Health at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research. She has a research focus on the molecular mechanisms which regulate human implantation, in particular how maternal (uterine and immune) and fetal cells interact during early pregnancy. By understanding the mechanisms underlying implantation and early placentation she aims to identify factors which can be used as biomarkers or therapeutic targets to treat infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss or placental insufficiency.


Peter Mark completed a PhD at the University of Western Australia and is currently an Assistant Professor at UWA. He researches placental factors as drivers of fetal growth and development. His recent research has focussed on circadian rhythms in placental function and how these may impact on nutrient transfer to the developing fetus.


Professor Claire Roberts leads the Placental Development Group at the Robinson Institute, University of Adelaide. Claire takes a bench to bedside approach to placenta and pregnancy research with basic discoveries in placental development and function while she is also developing screening tools to identify couples at risk of developing common and potentially life threatening pregnancy complications in which impaired placental development has been implicated.


Josh Fisher is completing his PhD in the Pregnancy Research Group under Anthony Perkins at Griffith University on the Gold Coast. His research focuses on mitochondrial adaptations and transformations in the human placenta, and the involvement of placental mitochondria in gestational disorders.​

ANZPRA Executive Committee


Natalie Hannan is a NHMRC RD Wright CDF Fellow, who leads the Therapeutics Discovery Group (part of the Translational Obstetrics Group) at the University of Melbourne. Dr. Hannan’s research focuses on developing novel therapeutic strategies to combat serious pregnancy complications, especially preeclampsia, hypertension in pregnancy and fetal growth restriction. Natalie is a staunch ambassador women in STEM and is passionate about reducing the gender bias women face in our field.


Dr Jo James is an HRC Sir Charles Hercus Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Auckland, NZ. Dr James' research interests are focused on understanding how placental stem cells contribute to normal and abnormal placentation, and whether these cells could one day be exploited therapeutically to treat placental pregnancy disorders. 

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