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Your placenta is the most important organ you never noticed you had! It nourises every one of us in utero, and helps ensure every baby is born happy and healthy.  Unfortunately the placenta isn't infalliable, and thousands of women and their babies suffer from placental pregnancy pathologies including pre-eclampsia (hypertension in pregnancy) and intra-uterine growth restriction (IUGR) in Australia every year.  These are serious disorders for which there is no effective treatment.


The ANZPRA community is aiming to change this by undertaking research into the underlying causes of placental dysfunction in pregnancy, so that we can develop more effective ways to prevent and treat pregnancy disorders in the future.  ANZPRA provides an important organisational network to facilitate the vast array of placental research across Australia and New Zealand.  In particular, ANZPRA aims to support up and coming researchers through New Investigator and travel awards to attend scientific conferences.  These scientists are our future, please support them.

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ANZPRA also have a number of potential sponsorship opportunities and would be interested in hearing from any third parties that wish to get involved in supporting new initiatives to help our researchers improve the lives of thousands of mothers and their babies in the years to come.  Please contact the ANZPRA secretary to register your interest.

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